Angela Crane-Jones — CEO, Nashville Business Incubation Center

Speaker Friday, February 24, 2023

Angela Crane-Jones excels at helping entrepreneurs accelerate the development and growth of their enterprise at the Nashville Business Incubation Center.

Mrs. Crane-Jones’ business advisory work expertise spans more than two decades. Under her leadership, she developed a five-year academic-based entrepreneurship curriculum to help guide small businesses through four growth stages with assignments, samples, and milestones. Collectively, these client companies created 222 new jobs, generated over $70.2 million in sales, and witnessed a 48 percent total sales increase upon completion of the five-year program.

Angela’s business advising skills and leadership has helped her clients receive numerous awards, including the International Business Innovation Association Client and Graduate of the Year awards, along with Nashville Business Journal recognitions. Angela current and/ or past clients include the owners of Slim + Husky’s and GT Services, Grilled Cheeserie, Arch Angel Protective Service, Polk Construction and Landon Development.

Prior to joining NBIC, Crane-Jones was the owner and operator of two Dairy Queen Franchise locations.

She serves on the board of the Nashville Farmers Market, International Business Innovation Association and March of Dimes, Nashville Cable.

Crane-Jones earned her Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Administration and Supervision at the Tennessee State University.

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