Carolyn Coleman: How to Write Your Own Obituary

Speaker Friday, July 29, 2022


How do you think about dying?

Is there dignity in death? Is death something to fear? Can it be something that enriches life, or is it just a mechanistic process that happens to us all?

Do the folks around you know you well enough to write an obituary that really reflects who you are–not just your physical and professional accomplishments but your emotional and spiritual lessons as well? Have you told them your story, your whole story?Would they know the life lessons you would teach them if you could help them avoid your own mistakes?

How do your write your own obituary?

A native Nashvillian, Carolyn Coleman is a certified End of Life Doula (death doula) certified Conscious Dying Educator, both through the Conscious Dying Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She is also the priest at Saint David’s Episcopal Church in West Meade, faculty seminarian mentor at Vanderbilt Divinity School and the School of Theology at University of the South, and Vandy Div. certified Homiletic Peer Coach. With two degrees in the study of Comparative Religions, many years facilitating adult education forums on tricky topics, Carolyn has a wide breadth of knowledge of different religious traditions and a fascination for what the human religious imagination can dream up. She is particularly passionate about dying, death, and grief work because these times are powerful opportunities for profound human growth and being witness to the beauty of living.

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