Discover the Tennessee Camp for Diabetic Children: Tiffanie Marksbury

Speaker Friday, June 7, 2024

On June 7th at 7:15 am, the Green Hills Rotary Club welcomes Tiffanie Marksbury, APN from Vanderbilt Diabetes and Endocrinology, to discuss the Tennessee Camp for Diabetic Children (TCDC). This camp provides a unique experience for children living with Type 1 diabetes.

With over 1.45 million Americans affected by Type 1 diabetes, and 64,000 new cases diagnosed each year, it is likely that we all know someone impacted by this condition. However, many may not fully understand the daily challenges these children face.

Marksbury has a personal connection to Type 1 diabetes – her sister was diagnosed in the late 1980s. This inspired Marksbury to become a registered nurse in 2000, and an advanced practice nurse in endocrinology and diabetes care in 2007.

During her presentation, Marksbury will provide insights into how TCDC creates a safe, supportive environment tailored specifically for children with Type 1 diabetes. Learn how the camp fosters a community dedicated to helping these young individuals thrive while managing their condition.

Join us on June 7th at 7:15 am for this informative discussion about the Tennessee Camp for Diabetic Children. Arrive early and meet the membership.

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