Heidi Campbell: Candiate for US Congress District 5 (D)

Speaker Friday, August 19, 2022

The Green Hills Rotary Club is not endorsing any candidate but feels that everyone should hear directly from the campaigns in order to make their personal decisions.  The information below is directly from the campaign itself and has not been edited.

Note from our President, Karen Williams: I tried to invite Andy Ogles, the Republican nominee, to visit our club several months ago. Since no one from his campaign ever responded, we were unable to invite him.

Heidi Campbell is a Nashville native, a Mom, a former music industry executive and the first female Mayor of the city of Oak Hill. As mayor, she established a track record for fiscal discipline, balancing the budget every year of her Mayorship, eliminating my own salary, and returning $2M to my city’s reserves.

She was elected in November of 2020 to represent District 20 in the Tennessee State Senate. Since that time, she has been an outspoken advocate for science, the LGBTQ community, public education, local control, women’s and kids’ issues, Medicaid expansion, and the environment.

Ms. Campbell sponsored or co-sponsored over 100 pieces of legislation in my first year in the senate, including legislation to allow cities to offer paid family leave, increase funding for school counselors and reading interventionists, and make it easier to cast a vote.

In 2022, Ms. Campbell will be focused on sustainable infrastructure, economic development and job creation, fully funding our public schools and supporting educators, expanding access to affordable healthcare, investing in suicide prevention, making certain that vulnerable children in state custody are not falling through the cracks, and ensuring that every Tennessean – regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability – can achieve the American Dream.

Her campaign website is https://www.voteheidicampbell.com/

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