Labor Day Weekend, no meeting Sep. 2

Speaker Friday, September 2, 2022

We will not be meeting on September 2 in observance of Memorial Day. Take a moment to remember that the holiday is set aside for people who work in our factories, who serve us food, who check us out in grocery stores and stock the shelves, who tend to us when we are sick, who keep the power and lights and gas on, who cut our grass, fix our houses, and so many other professions.

Remember too those professionals that have to work or be on call just to keep things safe and working: doctors, police, firefighters, hospital staff, first responders, bus drivers, and essential utility workers.

Remember those employees who work on a Holiday for our convenience like retail and restaurants.

 Our Current Speaker Schedule

4/21/23Ashleigh Chapman — Human Trafficking
4/28/23Dr. Robbie Quinn — Medical Update
5/5/23Misty Parsley — IDEAL program at Lipscomb
5/12/23Suzanne Craig Robertson — Author of “He Called Me Sister”
5/16/23Foundation and Fundraiser Planning
5/26/23No meeting — have a Happy Memorial Day
6/2/23Sara Figal Nashville Conflict Resolution Center

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