Beth Easter — When the Answer Is not Enough

Speakers Friday, July 7, 2023

Do you ever find that the facts lead you to a good conclusion but you just cannot seem to follow through on the actions the facts demand? Maybe shame got in the way. Maybe there was an issue of trust or lack of support. Maybe a chemical addiction blocked progress.

Many people struggle with habits they know they should kick. They cannot seem to make last changing; the habit endures. Beth Easter’s experiences working with difficult addiction cases could provide all of us clues about how we can solve some of our own vexing problems, even if they are as simple as wanting to break the habit of extra coffee or an afternoon coke.

Beth Alexander Easter is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Certífied Sexual Addictíon Therapist. Mrs. Easter’s experience in the field of addictíons spans 25+ years. She is currently in private practice providing individual counseling, family counseling, intervention training, and facilitatíon. She holds a Master of Arts in Reading/Storytelling with a concentratíon in Storytelling from East TN State University (ETSU).

Story can be a powerful remedy for the conditions of shame and alienatíon that are so often at the core of addictíve behaviors. When the essence of a struggle is captured and conveyed through a story, we can reflect to another person that they are not alone. Beth uses storytelling, music, art (through a FreeAtive experience), and photography as a therapeutic vehicle to educate and communicate the hope of trust, intimacy, and freedom from shame.

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