David Delaney — Unlocking Your Strengths with ADHD?

Speaker Friday, March 8, 2024

The Root Down. An ADHD-Inspired Presentation and Process to Know, Respect, and Connect Yourself.

The Green Hills Rotary Club is excited to welcome David Delaney, communication expert and CEO of Futureforth, for our weekly meeting on March 8th at 7:15am.

Mr. Delaney’s presentation is titled “The Root Down: An ADHD-Inspired Presentation and Process to Know, Respect, and Connect Yourself.” While often viewed as a disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) brings unique strengths like creativity, resilience, and high energy levels when properly channeled.

An estimated 8 million Americans have ADHD, but less than 20% of adults are diagnosed. Mr. Delaney will share strategies for better understanding and leveraging your ADHD traits to drive personal and professional success. Many entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and leaders credit their ADHD for fueling their achievements.

In addition to his expertise on ADHD, Mr. Delaney teaches compassionate leadership and communication through his “Nice Method.” He has worked with top brands like Google and LinkedIn, authored multiple books, and regularly speaks on improving skills for stronger relationships.

We invite all to join us this Friday for an insightful discussion and the opportunity to network with our Rotary members. Nonmembers are always welcome at our weekly meetings!

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