Juliana Ericson — The Joyful Life and Strange Impact of Art

Speakers Friday, July 28, 2023

Juliana Ericson re-found art when she was seriously floundering and feeling like a failure. In the end, it helped crack her open and transformed her life as she discovered new ways to both view the world and express herself. It led her to become an Award-winning professional artist, teach art classes to inner-city children and raise thousands of dollars for charity with my paintings. I also taught my quadrapalegic niece to paint with her mouth. ❤️

Juliana Ericson guides people who are stuck in anxiety and overwhelm to find peace and clarity so they can live their empowered purpose in joy, even in the midst of chaos. For 26 years she has used Positive Psychology tools and Conscious Breathwork to create pathways through seemingly insurmountable problems to help her clients find the calm and strength within them. 

Ericson used these tools to lift herself out of her own darkness when her life seemed a dismal failure. Art was a natural talent as a child, but sat dormant her whole life until 45 years of age. Then from zero she worked to become Nashville Scene Artist of the Year, and more. 

Juliana Ericson authored 2 books: “The Other F Word: 7 Days to Forgiving Anyone”,  and “Activate More Purpose and Passion in YOU! 90-Day Workbook”, both available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com.

She is a Positive Mindset Coach with a private practice in Nashville, and also gives 3 annual live workshops helping people go from overwhelmed and burned out, to productive and energized!  www.theJoyfulLifeProject.com.

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